The Canadian Visual Analytics School (CANVAS) 2013 consists of an intensive three-day summer school in Visual Analytics, followed by a two-day industry-university partnerships workshop. Two international leaders in Data Analytics, Prof. Daniel Keim (www.vis.uni-konstanz.de/mitglieder/keim/) from the University of Konstanz, Germany, and Prof. Junia Anacleto (www2.dc.ufscar.br/~junia/) from the Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Brazil will be joined by a group of Canadian academics, selected to cover the different areas of expertise brought together by visual analytics, including data and text mining, visualization and human-computer interaction, and important application areas. A novel feature of this year’s CANVAS will be its coordination with the UK Visual Analytics School (UK VASS 2013, Middlesex University, London) and the sharing of keynotes among Dalhousie University, Middlesex University and our partner universities in Vancouver (SFU and UBC).

The two-day industry-university partnerships workshop aims to promote linkages between industry and academic partners in the area of Visual Analytics for Big Data. This is a priority area for the Canadian Federal Government under the ICT umbrella, the Government of New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada Industry, as demonstrated by the success of the Big Data Congress organized by T4G in Saint John on Jan. 24, 2013. The workshop builds on academic expertise developed through funding by the Boeing Company of Visual Analytics research in Canadian universities (including Dalhousie, UBC and SFU) for several years, and the existence of the Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics (VIVA – a joint initiative of SFU and UBC), the Canadian Network of Visual Analytics Centres, and the Big Data Analytics Institute recently approved by Senate at Dalhousie University. Boeing views Data Analytics, especially visual analytics, as critical for safer aircraft and air travel, as well as for factory worker safety. IBM has invested heavily in pushing the state of the art in high performance computing hardware and software tailored to the needs of Data Analytics. Through its Centre for Advanced Studies in Toronto, its graduate fellowship program, and its funding of the NSERC Business Intelligence Network, it has been a strong supporter of data analytics research in Canadian Universities. Boeing and IBM will join several SMEs active in the Data Analytics space to define a Big Data Analytics Research Agenda. Industry partners will present industry showcase seminars and participate in small group discussions and panels, aiming to generate ideas for future collaborative projects with industry.